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  PMK Ltd provides a diverse range of construction and built environment consultancy services to clients on a local and national basis.

With all our services, clients can expect to get experienced professional advice.

Our core services are flexible enough to be adapted to the client's individual requirements and are delivered through our personal and professional approach that leads to successful project delivery and a reputation based upon recommendation.

  Quantity Surveying / Cost Management  
  Building surveying  
  Project Management  
  Procurement Specialists  
  CDM Coordinators  
  Maintenance Surveyors  
  Landscape Maintenance Advisors  
  Facilities Management Advisors  
  Specialist Construction Advice  

Client List

  Commercial and Healthcare  
  East Quay Medical Centre, Bridgewater  
  Tesco Stores Ltd  
  Chopsticks, Northallerton  
  Baltic Pine  
  Diocese of Lancaster  
  Rejuvenate Wensleydale  
  The Plan Shop, Bedale  
  York City Council  
  Tesco Ireland  
  Mears Construction Ltd  
  KTH Ltd  
  Hyndburn Borough Council  
  Weaver Vale Housing Trust  
  Harvest Housing Group  
  South Liverpool Housing Trust  
  Frontis Homes Ltd  
  Derwent & Solway Housing Association  
  Manchester & District Housing Association  
  Eastlands Homes Partnership Ltd  
  Arawak Walton Housing Association  
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